John Deere Perma-Loc Sweeps

The John Deere Perma-Loc system was designed with you in mind! Providing a quick and easy way to remove and install sweeps. The Perma-Loc system can be used on a variety of brands, including, John Deere, DMI, Landoll, Brillion, and Sunflower. 

Here at Eis Implement, we offer a full rang of sweep sizes, from 2 inch up to 12 inch, including the new High Productivity Sweep. The HP sweep provides optimal performance between 7-10mph with low draft, more consistent penetration and superior wear.​


Four Reasons to Switch to Perma-Loc

  1. Easy Installation - The Perma-Loc quick-change system requires no hammer for installation, thus making it fast and easy to install.
  2. Time Savings - Up to 3x faster than other quick-change systems.
  3. Cost Savings - For the second, third, and fourth changes, there are no hardware expenses.
  4. Self Tightening - Perma-Loc has an exclusive, patented ratcheting system, ensuring the sweep locks on and stays on throughout the tillage operation.

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