Plus-50™ II Engine Oil

Plus-50™ II Engine Oil versus Other Brands

John Deere Plus-50™ II Engine Oil Saves TIME and MONEY
Plus-50™ II extends oil change intervals by 50%

Example: 8420 tractor standard oil change interval is every 250 hours. With Plus-50™ II and John Deere oil filter the oil change interval is 375 hours. After 1500 hours the 8420 with Plus-50™ II will only require 4 oil changes vs 6 oil changes. 50% longer oil change intervals reduces labor costs, uses less oil and less filters while providing superior engine protection.

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Superior Dispersants and Soot Handling

Soot is a combustion by-product that collects in the oil and can cause excessive wear on engine parts.To reduce the adverse effects of soot, soot particles must be dispersed evenly in the oil throughout the drain interval. If soot is not dispersed in oil properly, the soot particles stick to each other and form larger agglomerates. The larger soot agglomerates cause the oil to thicken and plug filters; the soot then behaves as an abrasive that reduces the lubricating capability of the oil. 

Benefits of Plus-50™ II:

  • Excellent Soot Handling Ability
  • Retains its viscosity and protects better than industry CJ-4, CI-4 PLUS, CI-4, and CH-4 oils.
  • Provides superior lubrication for longer engine life and maximum drain intervals, resulting in cost savings
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Why Plus-50™ II Engine Oil?

Plus-50 II provides the best performance and wear protection for John Deere diesel engines. It is excellent for use in all diesel engines requiring a 15W-40 oil with CJ-4 performance, and is also excellent for heavy-duty trucks, tractors, pickups, combines and other diesel engines.

Competitive oil leaves soot and more deposits in the land and groove area and undercrown area of the piston, which can cause rings to perform differently than designed and heat retention.Plus-50™ II is formulated for tougher off-road conditions to reduce piston deposits so the engine will perform for a long time.

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