Strongbox Batteries

StrongBox Batteries


StrongBox batteries were developed and tested right alongside John Deere equipment. They’ve been proven to deliver better performance up to 8 times longer* than their competitors. Vibration kills batteries. John Deere StrongBox batteries are the industry leaders in vibration resistance. We even proved it with extensive testing against the top competitors in the industry.

Strongbox Batteries

What makes StrongBox™ better?

  • Most StrongBox batteries are in-stock at Eis Implement and ready to be installed immediately.
  • Through-the-wall, extra-large intercell connectors provide increased power for quick starts in extreme cold
  • Super radial grid design with inboard lug provides higher cranking amps and faster charges.
  • Extra-heavy plates deliver reserve power, especially in extreme cold
  • Microporous plastic envelope separators eliminate electrical shorts
  • Epoxy-anchored plates are four times stronger than traditional plates to reduce vibration damage, a leading cause of failure in commercial batteries

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