Precision Farming Equipment for Sale


Precision Farming Equipment for Sale

Taking advantage of all technology has to offer is a fantastic way for producers to improve their efficiency and reduce costs across the entire year. And John Deere has made it incredibly easy to use this technology in your operation. The full suite of Precision Ag technology available from John Deere works together to provide a complete solution to manage your operation at both the individual machine level and macro level. Eis Implement has an experienced and knowledgeable staff ready to help you determine what level of Precision farming equipment is right for you.


Starfire Receivers

The backbone of the John Deere Precision Ag system is the Starfire receivers present on large ag equipment like combines and planters. These receivers not only provide location data based on geo-location networks but also serve to transmit data between machines and to the JD Operations center. These receivers can be calibrated to varying degrees of accuracy, from 6 inches to less than an inch. This allows you to make use of John Deere’s automated steering as well as coverage maps that work to prevent overlap in application and prevent crop damage caused by drifting machines. 

JD Link

JD Link is the automated system that connects all your machines to the operations center and allows you to transmit data between them. This can be used to coordinate combines and grain carts, communicate error codes to fleet managers and it can even allow your dealer to use remote access in order to view your in-cab display and help troubleshoot problems.

John Deere Operations Center

John Deere Operations Center is the software suite that ties everything together. From here, managers can view machine performance, yield data, application rates, view coverage maps, and even compare data from season to season and year to year. This saves you tons of time by eliminating the need to travel to individual fields and track down operators just to see how the harvest is going.

With everything John Deere Precision Ag farming equipment has to offer, it’s easy to see why so many producers have started using it. Swing by Eis Implement today and see how it can improve your operation.