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Lawn Mower Service & Repair

At Eis Implement, we offer a variety of lawn mower services to keep your equipment performing like new.

Eis Implement strives to help homeowners spend more time enjoying their yard and less time maintaining it. Keeping your lawn tractor or mower performing strong will help cut the time spent working in the yard with ease. Choose one of our tune-up options below!

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Lawn Tractor – Turn-Key Tune-Up: $179.99*

Price includes Engine Oil and Filter, Fuel Filter, and Spark Plug(s)

  • Change Engine Oil and Filter*
  • Change Fuel Filter*
  • Change Spark Plug(s)
  • Sharpen Blades
  • Level and Clean Mower Deck
  • Grease Machine
  • Power Wash entire lawn mower
  • Check Air Filter(s)
  • Check Fluids
  • Check Brakes
  • Check Belts
  • Check Starting
  • Check Tire Pressure
  • Check Safety System


Put it on Eis - Winter Storage: $323.00*

  • Price includes Pick Up and Delivery, Winter Storage, Clean and Detail and Turn-Key tune-up
  • Pick up starting November 1st, with a 1-2 week lead time
  • Treat Fuel with Stabilizer
  • change Engine Oil & Filter*
  • change Fuel Filter*
  • Change Spark Plug(s)
  • Sharpen Blades
  • Level, Inspect & Scrape Mower Deck
  • Grease Machine
  • Check Air Filter(s)
  • Check Belts, Fluids, Brakes, Starting & Safety System
  • Test and Charge Battery
  • Check and Adjust Tire Pressure
  • Clean and Detail
  • Winter Storage
  • Delivery starting early April*, with a 1-2 week lead time. 



Mow to Snow or Snow to Mow: $99.99*

Mow to Snow

  •  We will professionally install your snow blower, weights & chains and remove your mower deck.  Cab installation is extra. 

Snow to Mow

  • We will remove your snow blower, weights & chains and install your mower deck. 


Walk Behind Mower Tune-Up: $69.99*

Price includes Oil and Spark Plug(s)

  • Change Engine Oil 
  • Change Spark Plug(s)
  • Sharpen Blade(s)
  • Clean Mower Deck
  • Check Engine Filter (if equipped)
  • Check Fuel Filter (if equipped)
  • Check Belt
  • Grease
  • Power Wash Mower


*All Tune-Up's do NOT include tax. Additional parts and repairs are extra. Some models may be subject to additional charges.  Price excludes $17 fuel filter for some select John Deere X400, X500, and X700 models and excludes $39.99 30-second oil filter for select E100 models. Customers cannot come before April to pick up their equipment without prior notice or approval. See dealer for details. 

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