Skid Steers for Sale near Sheboygan, WI

Skid Steers for Sale near Sheboygan, WI

Skid Steers


If you are looking for a machine that is versatile, compact, and full of power, our John Deere skid steers are the machines for you. Oftentimes when people see skid steers, they think of them being used in a construction setting, which they excel in, but that’s not all they are great at. Skid steers can be used for operations and tasks of all types. With 8 models and 100+ attachment options, the possibilities are endless with our skid steers. Come by Eis Implement and take a look at our John Deere skid steers we have for sale. We proudly serve the Sheboygan, Wisconsin area.



John Deere 312GR



  • Gross Horsepower: 51 hp
  • Operating Weight: 5,905 lb.
  • Bucket Breakout Force: 3,700 lb.


John Deere 314G



  • Gross Horsepower: 51 hp
  • Operating Weight: 6,140 lb.
  • Bucket Breakout Force: 3,500 lb.


John Deere 316GR



  • Gross Horsepower: 65 hp
  • Operating Weight: 6,180 lb. 
  • Bucket Breakout Force: 4,000 lb.


John Deere 318G



  • Gross Horsepower: 65 hp
  • Operating Weight: 6,542 lb.
  • Bucket Breakout Force: 4,250 lb.


John Deere 320G



  • Gross Horsepower: 69 hp
  • Operating Weight: 7,150 lb.
  • Bucket Breakout Force: 4,200 lb.


John Deere 324G



  • Gross Horsepower: 74 hp
  • Operating Weight: 7,700 lb.
  • Bucket Breakout Force: 6,000 lb.


John Deere 330G



  • Gross Horsepower: 91.2 hp
  • Operating Weight: 9,900 lb.
  • Bucket Breakout Force: 7,600 lb.


John Deere 332G



  • Gross Horsepower: 100 hp
  • Operating Weight: 10,000 lb.
  • Bucket Breakout Force: 9,250 lb.


John Deere’s skid steers can be broken into two divisions: G-Series Small Frames and the G-Series. The G-Series Small Frames include the 312GR, 214G, 316GR, and the 318G. These skid steers are the lightest weight skid steers in John Deere’s skid steer lineup. They are great for lightweight work that needs a machine with a lighter footprint such as landscaping work. The G-Series models are the 320G, 324G, 330G, and the 332G. These machines are great for heavy-duty work that requires greater size and breakout forces.


John Deere skid steers are the perfect addition to just about any job site. Some of the following are the most common operations they are used in but are far from all:

  • Construction sites
  • Landscaping operations
  • Warehouses
  • Farms
  • Electrical service companies
  • Plumbing businesses
  • Snow removal operations
  • Dirt and gravel companies

At Eis Implement, we understand how important it is to have equipment you can depend on to get the job done without having to stop several times to repair it. We understand that being productive is the key to being successful in any business which is why if you are needing a machine that is small in size but strong and versatile, we recommend looking into our John Deere skid steers. If you are looking for a skid steer for sale near Sheboygan, Wisconsin, contact our sales team and we will be happy to help select the best model for you.