Skid Steers vs. Excavators for Wisconsin Homeowners


Skid Steers vs. Excavators for Wisconsin Homeowners


Compact construction equipment has grown increasingly popular over the past couple of years, and for good reason too. There are several different benefits to point to, but most of this popularity is chalked up to the obvious: their size. 

CCE offers a compact, narrow build that makes operating in small quarters a lot more convenient. Easier to store and easier to maneuver; no area is off-limits. While still offering exceptional performance, this reduction in size and weight makes CCE equipment a lot more cost-effective for our customers. 

So, let’s add this all up real quick. They can be easily stored away in garages or outdoor shops, they can fit into small spaces and tight corners, they aren’t too pricey, and they offer a good amount of power. This is sounding like the perfect investment for a homeowner…

We’ve seen a huge increase in Wisconsin homeowners buying skid steers and compact excavators for home projects and yard maintenance. These machines are the jacks of all trades, offering groundwork like mowing, tilling, compacting, and grading, and helping with projects involving demolition, loading, digging, and building. 

Whatever you plan to use your equipment for, you’ll need to figure out which one will best take on your backyard plans.

Which is better for homeowners: a skid steer or an excavator?

We’ll give you a hint: there’s no generic answer here. Both pieces of equipment offer the same benefits for homeowners, but there’s are a few different benefits that set them apart from each other. We’ll break it down to give you a better understanding of each machine.

Studio photo of the 318G Skid Steer

The Skid Steer

Of the two, skid steers are typically more popular among residential homeowners because of their convenience. 

The skid steer’s main jobs are to dig, push, pull, and lift. This versatility allows it to conquer nearly any chore you could think up. No really, it’s time to get creative here. 

What really makes the skid steer stand out from the excavator is its wheels. Independent of one another, these wheels allow for zero-turn maneuverability during operation. This means no more tight corners or inconvenient trees will be standing in your way. 

What all can skid steers do?

  • Haul material
  • Demolition
  • Excavate, dig, and trench
  • Grade
  • Mow
  • Push material

What projects can you take on with a skid steer?

  • Plow snow from your driveway and road
  • Pave a driveway
  • Breaking up concrete sidewalks
  • Dig up a foundation or a trench
Studio photo of the 17G Mini Excavator

The Mini Excavator

Excavators are more crucial where–you guessed it–excavation is needed. This is a great choice for our homeowning customers who plan to spend a lot of time on jobs that involve digging.

The excavator’s big selling point is usually the simple 360 operation. With a boom attached to the cab, you won’t even have to maneuver. 

Jobs involving digging, dumping, and mulching are made simple with the mini excavator’s extended reach. 

What can excavators do?

  • Excavate, dig, and trench
  • Demolition
  • Load
  • Grade
  • Mow and clear
  • Build

What projects can you take on with an excavator?

  • Dig up a trench for utility lines
  • Remove trees from your property
  • Dig in prep for a pool
  • Breaking up concrete sidewalks
  • Backfilling after a project

Both the skid steer and the excavator perform many of the same jobs. Of course, this makes it a little harder for you to choose, but try and narrow down the majority of jobs you plan to use your machine on.

If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call here at Eis Implement. We are eager to help our fellow Wisconsin homeowners find the perfect solution to their land needs.