STIHL Equipment for Sale near Appleton, WI


STIHL Equipment for Sale near Appleton, WI

STIHL chainsaws set the industry standard for quality and performance, which is why Eis Implement is happy to carry not just a full range of their saws, but also a wide variety of other STIHL equipment. We want you to have the best tools for the job and there is no better manufacturer of powered hand tools than STIHL. If you’re looking for STIHL Equipment for sale near Appleton, WI, then come by Eis Implement today!



Chainsaws are where STIHL got its start. By pioneering the electric chainsaw and continuing to be on the leading edge of innovation and quality, STIHL has built a reputation for delivering the highest quality saws on the market. By continuing to make their chains and guide rails in-house, STIHL can ensure a continued focus on reliability and performance, all while maintaining a huge production capacity. There is a wide range of saws available, fitting niche needs like in-tree pruning and search-and-rescue, to all around saws built to handle most anything at the house or on the farm.

Yard Tools

STIHL also makes a huge range of tools for around the yard. Everything from trimmers to edgers, leaf blowers and tillers can be had from STIHL and they’re all built with the same attention to detail and build quality as their legendary saws. True to their reputation for innovation, STIHL also offers all-in-one yard solutions like the YARDBOSS and KOMBI System that use interchangeable tool heads that all attach to a single power source. This allows you to have a full toolshed’s worth of tools in one easily portable system.


STIHLs latest innovation is the iMOW robotic mower. This automated system can be set up to mow whenever you’d like and after being set up by one of our trained technicians, does all the mapping and charging on its own. You’ll never have to worry about mowing your lawn by hand again as this powerful mower takes care of it for you. And because of its quiet operation, you can even choose to run it at night, allowing you to wake up to the smell of fresh-cut grass every morning.