Stihl Equipment for Sale near Appleton, WI

Stihl Equipment for Sale near Appleton, WI | EIS Implement

Stihl Equipment got its start building chainsaws and became renowned for its quality and attention to detail. It has since expanded and become the number 1 seller of gas-powered handheld tools while still remaining true to roots as the producer of the world's best chainsaws. EIS Implement is proud to carry this outstanding line as part of our commitment to bring you the very best tools for use around your home or business

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Stihl Chainsaws

No discussion of Stihl Equipment would be complete without talking about the legendary Stihl chainsaw. Stihl got its start by producing high-quality, handmade chainsaws one by one. Their manufacturing process is a little more advanced these days but the attention to detail and quality still remains. Stihl's modern lineup of chainsaws is huge in scope and includes chainsaws for every application. Knowing that one size doesn’t fit all in the chainsaw world, Stihl makes chainsaws for homeowners, professional tree groomers, the lumber industry and even rescue operations. Each one of these chainsaw lines is developed with the specific needs of the user in mind.

The further improve their quality, Sithl still specially makes their own guide bars and cutting chains in house. Rather than using run-of-the-mill general industry parts, this allows Stihl greater control over the performance of their saws. Since the cutting edge is the defining feature of a saw, Stihl takes great care to manufacture a variety of different chains to take on whatever cutting job you may have.

Stihl Lawn Care

Stihl brings its reputation for quality to other small, handheld tools as well. In fact, Stihl builds every piece of equipment you could need to maintain a healthy, well-groomed lawn and garden. Stihl makes everything from edgers and hedge trimmers to pressure washers and even hand tools. Most notable, though, is the Stihl Yard Boss. This multi-task tool is the system for the serious homeowner. The Yard Boss is a universal powertrain that can be outfitted with a wide variety of different implements. This all in one tool can aerate, edge, cultivate and even work clean up. All from the same tool, saving you space and money.

Stihl brings this same functionality to the Kombisystem. Designed for smaller jobs, the Kombisystem follows the same basic principle of providing a universal powertrain that can drive a selection of tools. This one isn’t built on running big attachments like the Yard Boss. Instead, it's built for smaller jobs like hedge trimming, yard edging and even leaf blowing.

Stihl iMOW Robotic Mower

One of the most cutting edge tools in Stihl’s impressive arsenal of lawn care equipment is the iMOW robotic mower. This little whizz takes all the work and hassle out of cutting your lawn by automating the process. Depending on what model you get, the iMOW can handle lawns from a quarter acre to a full acre. Once purchased, the iMOW is installed and set up by your Stihl dealer, then goes about mowing on its own with no more input needed from you.

The iMOW is even built to handle uneven terrain, tackling inclines of up to 24 degrees. It can even be outfitted with weighted front wheels to help keep it steady over bumps and hills. The iMOW even adjusts and accounts for lost mowing time due to weather or a manual mowing schedule skip. The iMOW’s quiet operation even makes it ideal for mowing during the night while you sleep, letting you wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh-cut grass, rather than dreading another weekend spent pushing a mower around.

Stihl makes an outstanding array of innovative, quality products. Building on their success as a chainsaw manufacturer and moving into providing quality tools all across the professional and home improvement spectrum, they have solidified themselves as one of the world's leading equipment manufacturers. We are proud to carry their products at EIS Implement and look forward to working with you to determine exactly which pieces work for you.