Stihl Equipment for Sale near Green Bay, WI


Stihl Equipment for Sale near Green Bay, WI

You know your place. As head of the lawn, you’re the boss. You tell the yard what stays and what goes. You choose how often to mow and you choose what to do when those pesky weeds start showing up. You pick out any plants that grow, and you decide what lives.

As the boss, you need a couple of sidekicks that are ready to work at the snap of your fingers. When you say jump, they’ll ask how high? You need a couple of go-to tools here near Green Bay, WI. So, here’s the lineup of your new army...
Stihl Trimmer trimming grass
Stihl Edger cutting grass
Stihl Hedge Trimmer using precision on hedge


Keep your grass at a minimum with STIHL’s battery-powered string trimmers. 

No exhaust emissions, no engine maintenance. Looks like there’s only one string attached when you use STIHL trimmers, and it’s the one doing all of the yard work. 

These STIHL trimmers are meant to shine in hard-to-reach places and large areas of tall grass. Its durable design is built to work at the top of its game while its lightweight body will keep you feeling at the top of yours.

Enhance your operation by customizing the user height to fit you, or adjust the trimmer head to fit a variety of different trimming jobs. 

Yard work isn’t always a walk in the park, but you’ll look forward to getting your STIHL trimmer up and running.


Your driveway isn’t a red carpet walkway but it is the entrance to your home, which is just as important. That’s where our STIHL edgers come in. 

Simplicity and user convenience are two big values of STIHL that play a role here. With a semi-automatic choke and the Easy2Start system, you’ll find fewer steps are needed to get started. 

This, combined with a low-emission fuel-efficient engine will keep your energy, costs, and time at an all-time low. It’s about time your yard equipment starts picking up the slack.

You won’t miss out on customization with the STIHL edgers either. The adjustable depth wheel allows you to find the perfect cutting depth to match your yard.

Your edging job will be so good, you won’t even have to go back for final touches.

Hedge Trimmers

You’ll have the power of choice when you shop STIHL hedge trimmers. Whether you choose battery, gasoline, or electric, you’re choosing a hedge trimmer that you can believe in. 

With options for both small and large property owners, you can choose to opt-in an extended reach model. Giving you the extra boost you need, you can finally put those tall bushes to bed. 

You’ll find each option to be lightweight and vibration-free, making maneuverability simple. It’s time to get rid of all unnecessary stresses. 

After using STIHL hedge trimmers, you’ll be left with uniform precision and plenty of compliments from your neighbors.


It’s time to create a yard that you can be proud of. We offer STIHL products because we believe in STIHL’s dedication to quality and reliability. Maybe it’s because of their long-running, well-proven brand, or maybe it’s because of their highest-quality metals and innovative polymers used to build products people depend on. Maybe it’s a mix of both. Whichever it is, we know we can trust STIHL, and we know you can too. 

Our team is highly-trained, so we know just how to help out when it comes to choosing and servicing equipment. This means we’ll be there with you through it all. Be sure to take a look at our online inventory and find a model that best matches your work. Give us a ring if you have any questions at all. We are excited to get you and your yard up and running!