Subcompact Tractors near Manitowoc, WI

Subcompact Tractors near Manitowoc, WI

Close your eyes and envision your dream lawn. What do you see? Clean cut grass? Paved gravel road? Maybe a garden? What if I told you one machine can achieve all of that and more for your lawn? That is the case with our John Deere sub-compact tractors. At Eis Implement of Wisconsin we offer John Deere 1 Series tractors, our subcompact tractors that have the specs and power to transform your lawn. Choose from the 1023E or the 1025R. Whichever model you choose, you will be sure to get the most out of your land when you use these tractors to treat it. We are happy to serve our Manitowoc customers.

Get convenience

These subcompact tractors offer many features that help take a load off performing your typical lawn chores. Avoid feeling like you are pushing a wagon when driving the tractor. The 1 series has 4WD and power steering that brings excellent maneuverability making operation easy. The subcompact tractors also come equipped with Twin Touch foot controls and hydrostatic transmission. This will give you better control of direction and speed when operating your tractor. The comfortable operator station also makes for a better user experience with the thick rubber floor mat that absorbs shock and noise, easy access to controls, and more. 

Get to work all year long with the 1025R

The 1025R gives you the option of an operator station or cab for year-round performance. This heated cab is a great option for winter, especially in chilly Wisconsin weather. You can also remove the doors and rear windows to catch a breeze in warmer months. Go to your zen place with the cab’s sound-damping system for quiet operation. Also, keep your eyes on the prize with the full glass doors, giving you exceptional visibility.

Get the job done

These tractors can maximize your productivity with easy implement swaps. Don’t waste any time performing different tasks around your lawn. These implement swaps can get you connected in as soon as 60 seconds. Explore anything from the AutoConnect System for mid-mount mower decks to the iMatch quick-hitch for category 1 implements. With the right implement you can do anything from tilling to cutting, to grading and leveling.

Our John Deere sub-compact tractors are lawn geniuses that can do the work so you won’t have to. Get a quote today so you can get closer to the lawn of your dreams. Contact us or visit us for more information, we will make sure you are taken care of.