UTVs for Sale near Two Rivers, WI


UTVs for Sale near Two Rivers, WI


You might have quite the fleet built up, but does a UTV have any skin in the game? For construction workers here near Two Rivers, WI, the addition of a UTV can save time and potentially lower costs of several jobs throughout your operation.

How is this possible? By working smarter rather than harder. 

You’ve heard of the fast speeds and fun trail-riding weekends that come with owning a UTV (don’t get us wrong, those are some of our favorite things), but what if there’s more productivity and efficiency that can be done in everyday work tasks out on the jobsite? Keep reading to learn more about what all you can accomplish with a UTV.


Best Jobs to Take On With Your UTV

Hauling tools and equipment.

When you’re out on the jobsite, your Gator will be right beside you every step of the way. One of the UTV’s greatest strengths is its payload and towing capacity. Some models are more suited for heavier loads, like the work series with a cargo capacity of 1,200-lb or the full-size crossovers with a towing capacity up to 2,000-lb. That’s a big load. 

Man using his XUV 835M Gator UTV to haul his tools around the land

Attaching a trailer to the back of your UTV allows you to carry any equipment behind you. With incredible towing capacities, you can pull a number of different machines from point A to point B, and then back to point A. 

The Gator’s terrain-hugging tires also make it easy to go anywhere. Forget taking the long way around rough surfaces and get where you need to go in your UTV.

Transporting materials on the job site.

The term “outdoorsman” includes much more than just the typical hunter or weekend trail rider. Our construction workers always manage to get some use out of our UTV’s large cargo box. With durability at an all-time high, our UTVs are ready to carry gravel, transport wood, or lug any other material around, whether it’s in the bed or in a trailer. 

Gator Work Model carrying around wood on construction site

Plowing snow.

With winter coming up, it’s important that you have a way to clear fallen snow off your construction site when you need to get to work. While it’s only recommended to use a UTV in light snowfall, there are certain attachments you can use to scrape it up along the way. 

Look into plow blades, tire chains, and extra lighting to ensure you’re taking every precaution.

Managing the worksite.

When most people think about a UTV, they picture it for recreational purposes. We’re here to tell you that a UTV’s capabilities go far, far beyond that. In fact, why not find some good use for it while driving it around?

Being able to take your UTV all throughout the site without damaging the natural surface is a major advantage for managers and other construction works. You’ll be able to get around quickly, stay in control, and keep an eye on the whole operation from behind the wheel of your UTV.


They can’t take you on a road trip outside of Wisconsin and they can’t fly you to a nice beach vacation, but they’ll definitely get some jobs done and give you your money’s worth. Is it time to take your operation to the next level? 

If you are looking for a durable UTV for sale near Two Rivers, WI, be sure to check out our inventory at Eis Implement. Choose from the John Deere Work Series, the Crossovers, or the High-Performance Utility Vehicles. Don’t know where to start? Contact us and our experts will be happy to find the perfect fit for you and your land.