Wheel Loaders for Sale in Two Rivers, WI


Wheel Loaders for Sale in Two Rivers, WI

Maybe you’ll use it to dig out the foundation for a new building coming soon, or maybe you’ll be transporting mulch for one of your landscaping clients. You may even be starting demolition on that old shed you plan to renovate in your back yard. 

What will you do with your Wheel Loader?

With a Wheel Loader, the opportunities are never-ending. While you may only plan to use your workhorse for one particular job or a variety of different chores, you’ll be able to get good use out of our John Deere Wheel Loaders. 

Once you have an idea of the scale of operation that’ll be up against your new Wheel Loader, you can start planning which size you’ll need to start looking for. John Deere offers three different sized series to make sure that no chore is too small and no job is too big. 

When determining which size is right for your operation, there are a couple of things to consider. Are you planning on moving a lot of material each day? If so, how heavy is it and how far will you need to haul it? 

You’ve got the job, we’ve got the specs! Keep reading to learn what each different size John Deere Wheel Loader Series offers.

320G Wheel Loader Carrying Bale of Hay

Compact Wheel Loaders

61 hp - 103 hp

Easy to operate and easy to transport. We like to keep things simple for you.

Where these Wheel Loaders seem to lack in size, they make up in power. You’ll find that these Compact Wheel Loaders are capable of a lot when it comes to productivity. 

Great for navigating low ceilings, narrow entryways, and sensitive terrain, these models tread lightly so you can work in hard-to-reach places without leaving any footprints behind. 

Serious breakout forces and solid full-turn tipping load capacities will deliver exceptional performance during construction, farm chores, and landscaping jobs. 

Top speed: 12 mph

Top Operating Weight: 18,533 lb

Models Available

  • 204L
  • 244L
  • 304L
  • 324L
  • 344L


324L Compact Loader Hauling Dirt

Mid-Size Wheel Loaders

124 hp - 268 hp

Elevate your reach and boost your control. You’ll also find a bigger focus on user comfort with our Mid-Size models. 

The John Deere Mid-size Wheel Loaders provide plenty of power and features that will lead your operation from the front of the pack.

Near-parallel lift and improved visibility work together to take productivity to a whole new level. 

User comfort is just the cherry on top. With a redesigned cab, you’ll find ergonomic controls and adjustable options that keep your days from dragging on. You might as well love what you do, and what you do it on, right?

Top speed: 24 mph

Top Operating Weight: 45,103 lb

Models Available

  • 444L
  • 524L
  • 544L
  • 624L
  • 644L
  • 644 Hybrid
  • 724L
44L Wheel Loader out on the construction site

Large Wheel Loaders

316 hp - 417 hp

The biggest and the most-bad yet. Our John Deere Large Wheel Loaders deliver serious productivity at maximum efficiency.

Lower your daily operating costs with the fuel-efficient FT4 engine and up your performance with improved hydraulics.

With a dependable drive system and well-designed components, these models offer long-term reliability that you can count on. Longer work cycles and reduced chances of breakdown will save you from unexpected downtime.

User comfort, bucket force, money-saving features, you name it. You’ll find a little bit of everything on these larger models. 

Top speed: 24 mph

Top Operating Weight: 124,614 lb.

Models Available

  • 744L
  • 824L
  • 844L
We threw quite a bit of information at you, but what do these three John Deere Series have in common? Durable designs that deliver exceptional results. Give us a call at Eis Implement in Two Rivers, WI to learn more about our Wheel Loaders offered, and we’ll be happy to help you find the best fit for your operation!